Francis Peron


Custom Tours


Our custom vehicles and knowledgeable guides can tailor make an itinerary to suit your family or group. We can supply trips fully guided, with catering supplied or you can just use our vehicles and drivers to safely take you where you want to go.

Custom tours can include regional highlights such as:

One Day Stromatolites Tour:


A stromatolite (literally, ‘layered rock’) is a solid structure created by single-celled microbes called cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). Stromatolites look a cross between a cauliflower and a rock. However, unlike rocks they are actually alive – each stromatolite has a top surface layer teeming with living, active cyanobacteria.


Visit Eagle Bluff, Shell Beach, Hamelin Pool, Nanga and Ocean Park.


One Day Peron Peninsular Tour:


Visit Peron Homestead, stand on the beach at the very top of Peron, watch the marine life go about their day at Skip Jack Point and enjoy all that Peron has to offer.